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Kamelot & Xandria in Stuttgart 11/05/2012

I was lucky enough to catch the Stuttgart edition of Kamelot‘s ‘Silverthorn’ tour 2012 and I thought I’d share some impressions. We arrived right on time for the first riffs of Xandria, a German band I’ve seen live twice before – once with their former...


Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum 2012 with Faun, Saltatio Mortis, Rapalje

The Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum (medieval fantasy spectacle) is a travelling medieval culture festival, that will make 24 stops all over Germany this year. Last weekend’s location was Speyer and we decided to drive there. They offer two days of medieval fun from morning till late...

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Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 Day III

The first show we attended on day 3 was by MaYaN, a band which features members of EPICA, After Forever and Sons of Seasons. Grunter Mark Jansen, keyboardist Jack DriessenĀ and guitarist Frank Schiphorst have gathered a couple of very talented musicians around them. First and...

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Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 Day II

Day II was the best day in my opinion – absolutely amazing! We were going to sneak a peek at the Heidevolk show – a band which I don’t know, but I figured may be similar to my beloved Eluveitie. Sadly they had been placed...

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Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 Day I

As always we missed the first band (or rather person) we had planned on seeing, which was Slash, and we were right on time to hear the last song of the Paradise Lost set. After this slightly depressing start we went on to catch Sabaton...

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Graspop Metal Meeting 2012 Impressions

Hi guys! I’m starting off with some impressions from this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting, which took place in Dessel (BE) from June 22-24. We stayed all weekend and had a blast!! This is my claw holding a couple of Graspop Tokens, which you need to...

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Interview with Mahafsoun

Mahafsoun is a 19 year-old Persian belly dancer with drops of Azerbaijani and Egyptian in her blood. This combination, aside many other reasons, makes her passionate about oriental dances, especially the spiritual, ancient and immortal art of belly dancing. She combines it in her own...


Graspop Metal Meeting 2011 Day II

So, with a lot of delay, here’s my video of day 2 of the glorious Graspop Metal Meeting 2011! I had a great time and I would definitely recommend Graspop to everybody! Day 2 started for us with Lacuna Coil on the main stage… which...


Graspop Metal Meeting 2011 Day I

I made a short video compilation of our first day at Graspop. Like I already told you we missed a couple of songs of the EPICA set, because the road signs were very confusing. So we could only stand in the far back of Marquee...